Sunday, June 19, 2011

rgb wallpaper by plenty of colour

You may have already seen this RGB Wallpaper by Italian studio Carnovsky. It received a lot of attention last year and I was reminded why when I was rifling through some inspiration folders last night and rediscovered the incredible project. I was inspired to post it here just in case it hasn’t been seen by everyone and because I want to make sure the genius colour-focused project is saved for prosperity on plenty of colour! The wallpaper contains overlapping primary coloured illustrations of subjects such as animals and sea creatures. When a red, green or blue light (RGB colour) is shone upon the room’s paper, one of the three overlapping patterns is visible and the other two are hidden. Such gorgeous illustrations and a real feat of colour theory. Months later, I am still in love with the innovation and beauty of this project.
(photographs via creative review)

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