Friday, December 27, 2013


The Persian cowhide is unlike any cowhide you have ever seen.  It's from a very exotic breed of beast that lives in the fantasy world of designers Young & Battaglia. The piece is a playful and unexpected marriage between two of the most iconic rugs in the world. The meticulous and geometric Persian carpet is seamlessly combined with the natural irregularity of an animal skin rug. The design is made possible by digitally printing on to a special fabric backed rubber which is the hand cut in to its final hide shape. Unlike real cowhides this one is hypo-allergenic, washable, non-slip, and will not curl up at the edges. A fusion between art and utility, this rug will add a beautifully surreal touch to any interior.

Monday, September 2, 2013


Photography © Annemarijne Bax

A few days ago i run into this gorgeous lampshade made out of leather:

Leather Lampshades

Leather Lampshade is Pepe Heykoop’s 1st project made in his workshop in a slum in Mumbai, India. Leather Lampshade is fabricated of soft lambskin leather, whilst its shape refers to old industrial lamps.

The shape is a simplified version of old industrial lamps. Circles became angled and the shade is now soft and therefore foldable so they can be transported flat packed. Leather Lampshade is produced in his workshop located in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Mumbai, India – providing meaningful jobs, income and hope for the neediest. Transported flatpacked.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Norquay Co. creates these beautiful 57″, hand varnished, cherrywood canoe paddles. They feature bright colors and geometric detailing. The Montreal-based workshop is named after an Algonquinesque island located in the cool waters of the North Channel of Lake Huron, probably one of the best places in the entire world to enjoy backcountry canoeing.

For more information, visit & images via Selectism

Monday, March 25, 2013

FETISH - view on color

Love these photo's from the new View on Colour issue!

A magic potion invaded the FETISH issue of View On Colour, feeding on all the forms of fetishes and materials inhabited by the force of nature: shells, stones, wood, blood and earth -- exploring variations of gris-gris and amulets as contemporary accessories, establishing a profound link between the wearer and the forces they represent, with fur, skin, bone, minerals and metals.

Voodoo mobiles inspire new and archaic forms for vehicles while voodoo beauty rituals make use of heady concoctions of natural ingredients like mud, minerals, roots, nuts and fruits; eradicating flaws and bewitching age. Our hairdos are primitive and wild, almost animalistic, further exploring the sculpted quality of our hair, coupled with new and unusual extensions.

Mirror, mirror… on our furniture, is giving a unique perspective to inner space, while dramatic gothic tabletop is using mediaeval matters for pitchers and goblets. Clothes are exploring fetishism with inspirations derived from shamanism, alchemy, astrology and black (and white) magic.
We explore the ritual of the circus, inspiring a new generation of clownesque clothes and cosmetics. Some people are born magicians, jokers and jugglers, keeping their balls in the air and educating us with intriguing insight, as witnessed by all the elements of this visionary trend magazine. A hundred and forty pages of unbridled creative energies that are instinctive and therefore unable to be tamed…

Away from the mainstream, Abracadabra!

Lidewij Edelkoort

photos thomas straub

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Weekendexposition 9&10 March and 16&17th March in Amsterdam/The Netherlands
of paintings of Femke de Groot in cooperation with sculptures of Caroline van Beekhoff.

BURNOUT by Wolfgang Stiller

'matchstick men' by wolfgang stiller
all images courtesy the artist and python gallery

wolfgang stiller: burnout
python gallery, zurich
running from march 8th through to april 20th, 2013

german artist wolfgang stiller will be presenting his charming charred portraits as part of an exhibition entitled 'burnout' at python gallery 
in zurich, on from the 8th of march through to the 20th of april, 2013. either laid to rest in their very own matchbox coffins or splayed 
about the exhibition space, the blackened matches reference worn out - or more so burned out human beings. 
the work started from the various head molds and bamboo wood sitting in the artist's studio which were left over from a movie production 
in china while he was residing in beijing. experimenting with the two elements resulted in an eclectic crowd of literal matchstick men. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Cool, minimalist, sleek, and Italian! Florence-based studio q-bic created this “pallets loft” by renovating the attic of a Nineteenth century industrial building in the heart of historic Florence.  Small partitions painted in different hues created a multi-section, poly-functional space. The space is set up to be easily moved around, with sliding, iron walls dividing it in half. Design classic from Eames, Saarinen, and Le Corbusier stand out agains the neutral, industrial elements.