Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stay: DAR BEIDA Essaouira, Morocco

Almost 10 years ago, Londoners Emma Wilson and Graham Carter moved to Essaouira, Morocco. Owners of a shop that sold “quirky furniture,” they shut it down and loaded up a red transit van they bought for the haul to their new home. They bought this 18th-century house, spent two years fixing it up–and after it landed a gorgeous seven-page spread in Elle Decoration (“A unique mix of bright white with cave-dweller style, and pop-art plastics with weather-worn beachcomber finds.”), it’s been filled regularly with travelling guests. Built around a central courtyard, sandstone columns and thuya wood ceilings, the modern four-story space is outfitted with eclectic furniture mostly from the ’60s, creating a smart, nuanced look that’s a little bit exotic, a little bit retro. And around every rounded corner there’s a hammock, fire place or outdoor lounging area. Consummate hosts, Graham and Emma personally attend to the guests, giving everything from recos (best market stalls) to a pair of babbouche (Moroccan slippers) to wear and take home. “I love looking after clients and being busy,” says Emma. “We have an excellent reputation now due to word of mouth.”

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Since opening their own factory last year, Australian shoemaker FEIT has changed their business approach by providing consumers and specialty retailers with direct service on a new online platform.  Here’s how it works: each month, sample images are emailed to select members who have 10 days to request by responding “Make Me A Pair”.  Each style is offered in limited quantities and once the desired capacity is met, the shoes are then put into production.  Only remaining pairs will be made available for pre-order for a short time…and then the countdown begins — literally.  The six-year old brand also offers Private Label and Made-To-Measure services to clients who appreciate the quality craftsmanship, natural leathers and components for three major constructions: Handsewn Goodyear Welt, Handsewn Stitchdown and Traditional Moccasins.
Check out FEIT’s latest OXFORD X-RAY available in Ox Blood or Black Horween Chromexcel leather, featuring a flexible transparent rubber sole, reinforced with Vibram tread. Hurry up and order….the clock is ticking with only 57 Days left.

Friday, June 24, 2011

ANTON CORBIJN - Inwards and Onwards

24 juni - 1 september 2011 at FOAM

Met trots presenteert Foam het nieuwste fotografische project van Anton Corbijn waarvoor hij de camera richtte op enkele van zijn favoriete kunstenaars. Onder hen Gerhard Richter, Alexander McQueen, Richard Prince, Iggy Pop, Anselm Kiefer, Damien Hirst, Tom Waits, Peter Doig, Bruce Springsteen, Lucian Freud en Karel Appel.

Zijn liefde voor de muzikale en creatieve geest was Corbijn al geruime tijd bekend. Door zijn samenwerking met Don van Vliet, ook wel bekend als Captain Beefheart, over wie hij een korte film maakte (Some YoYo Stuff, 1993) werd hem ook de liefde voor de schilder duidelijk. Waarschijnlijk is deze mede bepaald door zijn grootvader, die schilder was. Ook het project strippinggirls dat hij samen met Marlene Dumas in 2000 naar buiten bracht had invloed op zijn belangstelling voor de schilder.
Anton Corbijn is geïnteresseerd in hoe kunstenaars worstelen met het creatieve proces, de pijn en het drama van de scheppingsdaad. Zijn monumentale zwart-wit portretten verenigen soberheid en esthetiek en vallen op door de weloverwogen en exacte wijze waarop het karakter van de geportretteerde is vastgelegd. In het werk toont zich Corbijn's geconcentreerde blik, zijn gevoel voor verwondering en het vermogen zich in te leven in de ander.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


It's almost halfway 2011 but I saw this Crown Colour Trend 2011 photo shoot and I liked the still life juxtaposed next to the palette and then featured in context of the space. it is nice to see things full circle, especially colors. It is always hard to make a decision about adding color to your home, it defines the mood of the space and as a result has a lot to do with how you feel in your space. With the mood of a color palette also comes the mood of the interior design – accents and furniture, though I am a firm believer that anything works if it is done with assertion.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

cielito querido café, mexico {colourful places & spaces} by plenty of colour

The more photos I see of Cielito Querido Café, the more I fall in love with it. Drawing from Mexican and Latin-American design heritage from the late 19th century to early 20th century, the space is just so full of life and details. With vintage Latin-American signs and product labels of old grocery stores in mind, Mexican studio Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena created the vibrant branding and café design. In a world of coffee spots that are far too beige, Cielito Querido is café overflowing with bold colour, dramatic typography and wild patterns. It is a modern and playful place that retains a truly Mexican flavour. Even the take-away coffee cups are beautiful! Fingers crossed Cielito Querido Café expands in Canada soon. If that happens and you need to get in touch with me, I’ll be the one in the pink chair…


Sunday, June 19, 2011

rgb wallpaper by plenty of colour

You may have already seen this RGB Wallpaper by Italian studio Carnovsky. It received a lot of attention last year and I was reminded why when I was rifling through some inspiration folders last night and rediscovered the incredible project. I was inspired to post it here just in case it hasn’t been seen by everyone and because I want to make sure the genius colour-focused project is saved for prosperity on plenty of colour! The wallpaper contains overlapping primary coloured illustrations of subjects such as animals and sea creatures. When a red, green or blue light (RGB colour) is shone upon the room’s paper, one of the three overlapping patterns is visible and the other two are hidden. Such gorgeous illustrations and a real feat of colour theory. Months later, I am still in love with the innovation and beauty of this project.
(photographs via creative review)

Friday, June 17, 2011

buenos aires, argentina {colourful places & spaces} by plenty of colour

Buenos Aires has been at the very top of my wanderlust list for a decade or so. Often called “Paris of South America”, the port city is a mosaic of Latin American flavour with a distinct European influence. The birthplace of tango, Buenos Aires seems to echo the dance’s passion across all aspects of its culture. From fashion to football to art and architecture, there is so much character and colour in this eclectic city. I found it almost impossible to stop looking for images! One particularly colourful area is La Boca, a working-class neighbourhood and tourist hub that that features tango clubs and vividly-hued tin houses. I can’t wait to visit Buenos Aires one day and see this seductive city in person. Any place where tango just randomly breaks out on city streets just needs to be seen, right? Even the subways have elaborate and colourful tile patterns! I’m hoping to feature Argentina as a whole one of these days as there are gorgeous landscapes and unique areas all over this beautiful, one-of-a-kind country.
(photographs via )