Friday, June 17, 2011

buenos aires, argentina {colourful places & spaces} by plenty of colour

Buenos Aires has been at the very top of my wanderlust list for a decade or so. Often called “Paris of South America”, the port city is a mosaic of Latin American flavour with a distinct European influence. The birthplace of tango, Buenos Aires seems to echo the dance’s passion across all aspects of its culture. From fashion to football to art and architecture, there is so much character and colour in this eclectic city. I found it almost impossible to stop looking for images! One particularly colourful area is La Boca, a working-class neighbourhood and tourist hub that that features tango clubs and vividly-hued tin houses. I can’t wait to visit Buenos Aires one day and see this seductive city in person. Any place where tango just randomly breaks out on city streets just needs to be seen, right? Even the subways have elaborate and colourful tile patterns! I’m hoping to feature Argentina as a whole one of these days as there are gorgeous landscapes and unique areas all over this beautiful, one-of-a-kind country.
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