Saturday, March 9, 2013

BURNOUT by Wolfgang Stiller

'matchstick men' by wolfgang stiller
all images courtesy the artist and python gallery

wolfgang stiller: burnout
python gallery, zurich
running from march 8th through to april 20th, 2013

german artist wolfgang stiller will be presenting his charming charred portraits as part of an exhibition entitled 'burnout' at python gallery 
in zurich, on from the 8th of march through to the 20th of april, 2013. either laid to rest in their very own matchbox coffins or splayed 
about the exhibition space, the blackened matches reference worn out - or more so burned out human beings. 
the work started from the various head molds and bamboo wood sitting in the artist's studio which were left over from a movie production 
in china while he was residing in beijing. experimenting with the two elements resulted in an eclectic crowd of literal matchstick men. 

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