Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recycled shadow

‘Recycled Shadow’ is a Spanish street art installation created by architectural collective Meva. Inspired by the disturbing fact that 938,000 free daily papers are distributed daily in Madrid and most end up garbage cans, the artists folded hundreds of newspaper pages into windmills that were then hung on nylon mesh above a Alicante, Spain street as well as the courtyard of the Ministry of Environment in Madrid. The recycled windmills bring attention to a civic issue while also providing whimsical shade to people on the street. I love the look of that picturesque Spanish street and the shape of shadows created. As Meva commented about their installation, “the windmills are organized to provide shadow with a simple changing pattern, each of them rotates and balances on its own to the rhythm of the gentle summer breeze.”Beautiful street art with a message. Is there anything better?

courtesy of plenty of colour

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