Monday, April 4, 2011


KITTINHAWK is for darlings, lovers and wild hearts.”
Allysun Maria Dutra is Kittinhawk´s nickname, her alter ego and design name. Kittinhawk is a couture label from the designer´s hands strait to your heart. She began designing under this name during the summer of 2007 in San Francisco. After graduating from Fine Arts at the San Francisco State University, she discovered her love for design and textiles. She also took photography classes and a minor in Art History.
Self-taught sewing and drapping with the intention to make interesting clothes. And destiny took her to a different path, … she began to create handmade jewelry. Reconstructing and recycling became profitable and magical.
Kittinhawk is structured around her life, inspirations and ideologies, she opposes mass production and corporations. Her work is an antithesis to destructive institutions, focusing on community and local economy, sustainability and more creative independent work.
“It is up to us to shape the future and create a system that supports artists, musicians, healers, farmers and everyone else trying to create beauty(…). We are all in this together.

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